“On the way to be a mainstream brand of global automobile industry, BAIC Group has been following the philosophy of ‘talents are the primary resources of enterprise’, giving priority to developing talent resources, giving priority to adjusting talent structure, giving priority to accumulating talent capital, giving priority to safeguarding talent investment, and accelerating the construction of international talent system. ”

---Party Secretary and President of BAIC Group XU Heyi

Talent strategy target

With the focus of new energy, self-brand and international talent team construction, cultivate a talent team with proper scale, optimized structure, reasonable layout and excellent quality, and determine BAIC’s comparative advantage in the talent competition, for the purpose of laying a solid foundation for BAIC to rank top in global automobile industry.

Realize proper growth of team scale
Optimize structure quality
Enhance talent utilization efficiency and development of talent intellectual resources
Enhance talent quality sharply
Enhance talent talents constantly
Make a breakthrough in innovation of talent development system and mechanism
Realize the conversion from human resources scale type to talent quality efficiency
5 innovations
5 innovations
Control mode innovation
Perfect layout of HR under the Party leadership in adaptation to requirements for BAIC’s strategy transformation
Talent philosophy innovation
Build BAIC’s economic development mode driven by talent innovation
Method mechanism innovation
Optimize talent structure supporting BAIC’s strategy layout
Spatial domain innovation
Build work layout of “Great BAIC, Great Talent”
Resources allocation innovation
Form development and utilization mode of talent intellectual resources
4 systems
4 systems
Market-oriented talent discovery system
Widely-covered talent cultivation system
Integrated and normative talent allocation system
Entrepreneurial talent incentive system
5 projects
5 projects
Party-masses talent quality project
Innovation-oriented talent cultivation project
International entrepreneur concentrated cultivation project
Chief technologists drive project
Excellent talent reserve project
Deepen learning and implementation of the spirit of XI Jinping’s important addresses on the talent work
Guided by national talent strategy
Adhere to the principle of “human resources under the Party leadership”
Focus on BAIC’s “The 13th Five-Year Plan” development strategy target
Follow socialist market economy law and talent development law
Accelerate talent development system and mechanism reform and policy innovation
Advance quality improvement and efficiency increase of human resources work
Develop and utilize domestic and overseas, BAIC’s inside and outside talent resources
Advance 5 innovations
Build 4 systems
Implement 5 projects

With the focus of 4 talent teams and international talents in new energy and self-brand, classify and arrange construction of various talent teams, provide strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for realizing BAIC’s “The 13th Five-Year Plan” target, and create the comparative advantages of BAIC 2.0 talent competition.